Friday, June 1, 2007

Landmark Baptist Theology Catechism

What exactly is Landmark Baptist theology?

Landmark Baptist theology is a view of church history held by a tiny sect of "martyrs". These "martyrs" are people with a hyper-underdog, to use urban phraseology, complex when it comes to matters ecclesiastical.

They are the perfect example of 'extremism', 'radicalism', and religious quackery. They are akin to the King James only, altar calling, premillennial rapturing, pew-warming wing of the Arminian branch of the Baptist movement.

Does Landmarkism agree with Rome in 'extra ecclesium nola salus', that outside of the Baptist church, there is no salvation?

Absolutely. Some would deny this, but most Landmarkers believe that the Baptist movement originated with Jesus Christ and the Apostles(1), and was carried out in spurts over the span of several centuries, by 'true believers' (Baptists) , who were persecuted by 'the great harlot'.

What do Landmark Baptists believe to be the great harlot?

Well, mainly Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox, but they believe Protestants -and pretty much anyone and everyone who isn't a Baptist- to be the step-children of the great harlot (2). Other Baptists just don't get it though, and are deceived by the harlot about their origins, but Landmarkers exist to set them straight (3).

Do Landmark Baptists believe only Baptists are Christians?

Yes (4).

What sects do Landmark Baptists believe constitute "the New Testament Church" persecuted on doing through the centuries by the Harlot?

Listed for us are Donatists, Paterines, Cathari, Paulicians, Anabaptists, Petro-Brussians, Arnoldists, Henricians, Albigenses, and Waldenses (5).

What were some of the beliefs of these groups?

The Albigenses, from what little writings we have by them, believed that the material world was evil, and the spiritual world good, and these two worlds were ever colliding and at war with each other (6).

The Cathari, like the Albigenses, believed the same thing, emphasized a dualistic view of history and the world, believed Jehovah to be a tyrant, and also believed in reincarnation (7).

The Albigenses had a huge influence on the Rosicrucians (8), and the Cathari were integral in the founding of the Knights Templar (9), which gave birth to Freemasonry. Both of these groups are secret societies considered Satanic by scholars, historians, and virtually all Christians, including Landmark Baptists.

The Paulicians were a sect that revived the teachings of the Manicheans (10), a Persian religion heavily influenced by Buddhism and Zoroastrian paganism.

Why would Landmark Baptists believe these sects to be New Testament Christians, or Baptists?

Because they were opposed by the Church of Rome, which Landmark Baptists loathe with an unbridled passion. For Landmark Baptists, what Rome doesn't like, must be good. Therefore, almost any and every sect that popped up over the span of one-thousand and five-hundred that was not in communion with Rome was a "New Testament church".

That's insane!

Of course it is. That's Landmarkism.

Are most Baptists Landmarkers?

Fortunately, no. Most Baptists, historically, have not been Landmark. Spurgeon, Gill, Pink, Bunyan, and most historic Baptist theologians would have repudiated Landmarkism as a false doctrine (11).


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studymore said...

I am a Landmarker, and I believe almost none of what you have said about Landmarkers. So, either you are misinformed or lying. I am thinking the best of you, so I am going with misinformed.

The way I read the scriptures, the great harlot is whatever opposes the true New Testament church. It mostly refers to Roman paganism in Revelation, but can be applied to Greek paganism, mysticism, spiritualism, or countless other non-Christian sects. As with many evangelicals, I do believe that this great harlot will come back together under one large church, but this has little to do with conservative Catholicism, and more to do with those who fellowship in such organizations as the World Council of Churches, and other like-minded organizations. These are things that time will show.

My main priority as to point people to Christ. He has had His true church since New Testament times, but I am not clear where it was or in what organization it fellowshipped in. The way I see it, there could have scriptural churches in the Catholic heirarchy, the Coptics, the Armenians, or others. I do not know enough about Catholicism across the globe to know if there are any Catholics that still practice baptism after catechism, which was at least practiced until the seventh century that I have found. But, if there are some Catholics that teach sola scriptura, sola gratia, and believer's baptism, then I could see them as New Testament churches as well.

As far as Landmarkers being Arminian, I am unclear where you get such information. There is a wide variety of theological persuasions among Landmarkers. I am probably more Arminian than most, but the majority of Landmarkers that I know are very strict five-point Calvinists.

I am just not clear on where you got your information, but it lacks depth of research.

You have also said that Landmarkers believe that only Baptists are saved. Of the hundreds of churches that I have visited, not one single church has ever come close to asserting this. Instead, we believe that salvation is completely outside the church, only in Christ. We believe that the first step building on the foundation of Christ is coming to be baptized by the authority of a church. Those who are saved, but never come for baptism are still saved, and still Christians, but they are out of service. This is the universal teaching of Landmarkers, and has always been.

To refute everything you are erroneous on would take too long. Please research this some more.

Baptistbygrace said...

This is rediculous. The assertion that Landmark Baptists think that they are the only people that can be saved is wrong. Salvation is of the Lord. A New Testament church follows the Bible.

Ephesians 2:8-9 says:
For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Andrew said...


I know this is old, but...

I just finished reading through the works of Balthasar Hubmaier. Your statement above: "Thomas Muenzer and Balthasar Huebmaier were the leaders of the 1525 Peasant War in Germany, after which Muenzer ruled from the city of Muenster" has no evidence to support it, with regard to Hubmaier. It is true that his enemies were all to eager to accuse him of rebellion and participation in the Peasants' War. However, his own writings unambiguously advocate submission to authorities. I'm not aware of any evidence that his enemies' slander was true.

Please be more careful what you post; you're slandering a godly man and martyr above, based on mere hearsay.

I certainly won't defend Muenzer.

voidengineer said...

Nearly everything you stated against the Anabaptists can be stated against nearly any Christian group. The truth always seems to attract enemies, and those who will live righteously in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. Please be more careful in the future whose side you choose. I can assure you as a Conservative Mennonite (Anabaptist) that most of what you said about us is simply false. Those that bear false witness are what?

for Jesus' sake,

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm not a baptist, nor am I a landmark. I am a Latter Day Saint.

The TRUTH is even tho, Catholics and protestants do not have authority from God as the bible scriptures show they do, It doesn't mean they don't go to heaven.

In John it says if YOU believe in Christ, you will be saved. People that believe in Christ don't point their finger at other religions for they all are teaching about Jesus Christ. Teaching our children about Jesus Christ and how to pray often and working out our own salvation is more important.

Now it says that God, Jesus Christ, gave authority to Peter to guide the church, but due to wickedness from outside forces the church fell and apostated from within.
2 thessalonians 2:1-3. With the 12 Apostles gone which represented the foundation of the church what happens to any structure when the foundation is removed?
Ephesians 2:20.

The world was left in spiritual darkness for a time.

Amos 8:11, Isaiah 60:2

There needed to be a RESTORATION /RESTITUTION of the PRIESTHOOD POWER to the earth from St. Peter. Let's hear it from the horses mouth shall we?

Acts 3:21 Peter could see that the people were not ready to fully live the law that Jesus Christ gave us.

like a snowball, tho we learned as a human race and over came our struggles. The Protestant churches started springing out everywhere reverting back to the original teachings of the apostles for a purer form of Christ's message.

Revelations 14:6 Another Angel? Who? Joseph Smith wasn't a liar! The atrocities brought about from the outside forces caused his Martyrdom.

1 Corinthians 15:29 God inspired Paul to talk about the resurrection of the Dead in chapter 15. All souls will hear the truth in the spirit world. 1 Peter 3:19-20 and will recieve their correct baptism.

Even the hermit that lived in the mountain for example. This idea of your either in MY religion or your damned is silly. There is good in ALL religion and all people. The bottom line is the baptism and the authority thereof.

I testify to you that joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were first visited by John the Baptist, and later Peter, James and John the beloved Returned the Keys of the kingdom to the Earth.

my account on is GodLovedJosephSmith. see any the videos under my favorites or visit fairlds . org for ANY questions or issues you've heard about our church. (0r should I say HIS church) The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.

I invite you if you have YOUTUBE accounts to look up my account and research why. again my account name is GodLovedJosephSmith.

fairlds . org

God Bless

The King's Friend said...

Did you actually read this book? Verduin shows clearly what happened thrugh Roman Constantinian history. Their was never infant baptism (we know this to be fact according the Bible) in the Bible and not until Constantine declared it, was it so, under penalty of death!
Anabaptists have always held (true some of the lunatic fringe, which we could say today of any demonination were present) to Scriptural integrity and piety, along with the separation on the Church from the State. The church was never allocated by Christ to have magisterial power enacted and kill with the Sword. That is the main reason Anabaptists were hunted down and killed by Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and Protestants.

I think you need to re-read this "entire" book and look into the sacralism and brutality which was done to the Anabaptists in the name of "Christianity." Lord help us if this would happen today? Michael Sattler was brutally, brutally, and one more...brutally tortured with red hot pokers and tongs pulling his skin from his body and then murdered all because he wrote the Schleitheim Confession, which is COMPLETELY Biblical. Go read it please.

Anonymous said...

Although it has been over 30 years ago since I counted myself a Landmarker, I do think you misrepresent some aspects of Landmarkism. In my years amongst Landmarkers in Europe, Texas, Alaska, Mississippi and Arizona I never met any that believed salvation was limited to the Landmark Baptist church. Not that some somewhere might not, but it's hardly a typical Landmark position.

marilyn said...

Interesting. That was quite the load of opinions; unfortunately, the obvious lack of credible sources renders them as significant and believable as any bedtime story I ever made up to entertain my kids.

Last time I checked, history is a research science, not an exercise in speculation, conjecture and personal bias. While no historian escapes some elements of bias, his or her theories are at least backed up by corroborative evidence--yours weren't. Next time you decide to pontificate without your academic underwear, start with 'once upon a time' so you don't waste anyone else's.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn: Dear Lady (?) - If bitterness is a fruit of the spirit, you are about prime for Landmarkism Apostleship. Let's see- my comment that you felt oddly compelled to attack with rhetorical guns blazing - was two sentences. What sort of historical scholarship packed into those two sentences might have pleased Your Highness? Was I incorrrect to merely post a few words relative to my own experience, or does Your Highness demand disseration level research and expression in all forums? There is no room in Your Majesty's universe for a brief anecdotal note?? Had I have anticpated your burning anger, I might have offered three instead, in full Christian patience, and with regard to your easily provoked angst. Mam or Sir or whatever,as the young folks say - ---get a life. Christian regards, and unlandarmkinly yours, David

Anonymous said...

However Marilyn,if your opinion, which came to me as if addressed to me was meant for one of the other kindly folk, or indeed for the original author, then all is well, and I take back all my expressions of unhappiness pending some clarity as to whose eyes you were actually scratching out. Love hopes all things. Be well. Still unlandmarkingly yours, David

Draco Welcovich said...

pangit71, you wrote
"I testify to you that joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were first visited by John the Baptist, and later Peter, James and John the beloved Returned the Keys of the kingdom to the Earth."
Bwaaaa- Haaaa-Ha-ha-haaah! You testify? How can you testify? Were you there? Your cult teaches that Jesus and Satan are brothers! That would give Satan a legal claim to the throne of God. Your cult does not believe in the Deity of Christ and you also believe that we all can someday attain some form of godhood over our own little planet somewhere. What?! You don't think you are spouting false doctrine? What was the name of the "angel" who appeared to J. Smith? Moroni? Yeah, I don't see that name anywhere in the Bible. Scripture states clearly to try the spirits. That means if an "angel" appears to you like it did to Mohamed...oh, sorry, I'm getting my false religions mixed up again...although a remarkably similar incident happened to that young man. Back to the point, if a spiritual being gives you some strange revelation from g-d it is your responsibility to test that information by scripture like the Bereans did when the apostles brought them the Gospel. Don't be so dense as to think a fallen angel would never try to foster false doctrine as in the case of the cult of John Smith. Your religion is NOT of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; it is Luciferian. It is a lie from the father of lies and you will be judged by God for spreading heresy and leading other foolish people to Hell.

Phillip Bassman said...

She was referring to the article at length, not your comment, stupid!